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Universal Remotes and Remote Access Services

When remote control technology was introduced decades ago it certainly made the TV viewing experience much more enjoyable. The ability to control your TV while laying comfortably on the sofa is a standard way of life now. But, technology has continued to expand and we now have surround sound systems, DVD players, gaming systems, and DVRs. The problem is each of these systems comes with their own remote control. So, which remote control do you need? It seems most families have 4-5 remotes sitting in their living room to power different devices. What happens when you have guests over, and you have to explain to them which remote powers which device? Oh, the frustration!

Home automation fixes this problem and as home automation experts, we can put an end to the frustration of remote control clutter. We offer a variety of universal remote control systems that simply your home entertainment experience. There are a variety of universal remote systems available from the simple to the more complex. We can help you determine which of these systems best fits your lifestyle.

Universal remote control technology can be kept simple, to power home entertainment devices using just one device to power many. Or, you can take your universal remote to the next level, by allowing your universal remote power not only your entertainment devices, but to also power your lights, heating and cooling systems, security systems and even your appliances.

To determine what kind of system fits your lifestyle, contact us so we can discuss your project.