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Ready For Launch post CEDIA 2016, Official Solutions, a South Florida Home Automation Company, imparts some exciting futuristic industry trends that will be taking flight.

  • Voice Command is replacing the Mouse or Swipe
  • A relatively new technology VUI (Voice user interface) has emerged as the ever-present industry trend. Walking the expo floor, we found many products touting the voice command integration. This is definitely the emerging medium for consumers to control their devices. The products range from SmartTvs & SmartTV remotes, home audio systems and home security systems too, be on the lookout, it’s pretty exciting technology.

    Control4 debuted their technology’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa, this is big news for anyone looking to upgrade, or layer this into their system.

  • Considering a home renovation project? Should you be considering adding a connected device as a part of your home reno project.
  • It’s true! Apparently, during home renovation projects people are defining adding a smart technology on their list of items they are installing as a part of their renovation. This makes total sense, and we say it’s about time. In fact, “renovated homes are more than twice as likely to include a smart system or device as before the renovation).” More than ½ home renovation projects are including a smart technology integration in their remodel.

  • Wireless MultiRoom Audio Solutions Abound… Soundbar anyone?
  • There was Sonos, and their was HEOS and that was fun, but now it’s a party with Klipsch joining in on the fun. Wireless multiroom audio solutions are now available for everyone at every budget level. Klipsch rolled out some new seemingly impressive, high quality audio products. Not only do they have premium audio quality, they are pretty easy on the eye too, with unique materials that fit right in with your décor. They are using real wood, leather and materials often not incorporated into audio systems. This is great news for those folks looking to start the renovation project we mentioned earlier.

    We are pretty excited to see so many innovative products being rolled out, emerging technologies that will ease the use of smart home systems and materials being incorporated to help home owners feel proud to show off their connected devices like the works of art they truly are.

    The future is here, voice integration for device control is taking flight in the home automation space. Official Solutions would love to introduce you to these products and discuss how you can incorporate some of these into your own home and maximize your personal enjoyment.