Home Automation & Home Theater Specialists

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Official Solutions is South Florida’s leading Home, Commercial and Marine automation company. We specialize in creating solutions that serve to exceed your audio and video expectations.


Our Services

We design home theaters that impress. Our team of designers will work closely with you to discuss your project from the aesthetic look you want to the home theater system components. Using Ultra HD 4K with High Dynamic Range and truly immersive Dolby Atmos sound, we will create an experience like no other. Let us think of every detail imaginable, to make your movie theater experience as exciting and entertaining as possible. Read More..


As technology continues to evolve, there are so many new devices cluttering up your home and making it difficult to juggle all of the remotes or required apps to control them. Our home automation solutions allow you to control all of your devices via any smartphone or tablet. We also offer in wall touch screens and keypads for convenience. Say goodbye to remotes and multiple apps. Say hello to your new Home Automation system. Read More..



Keeping your home and your family safe with advanced security is extremely important and often overlooked. We offer everything from smart locks that allow you to lock and unlock your home remotely to advanced multi camera DVR systems with motion tracking. Read More..



From smart thermostats to completely automated blinds and shades, we have solutions that are guaranteed to reduce your electricity bills and ease everyday living. Read More..



Want to walk into your home and have it look exactly the way that you love every time? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn off all of your lights with one button from multiple areas of the house? The possibilities of lighting control are near endless and we will create the ultimate experience for you. Read More..




Imagine listening to your favorite music in your bathroom, bedroom and even your office at the same time, while someone else might be enjoying their favorite music in the kitchen and living room. With a whole house audio system you can enjoy listening to your favorite music in multiple rooms of your house simultaneously. Read More..